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Welcome to Dark Sky Radio the greatest internet radio station on the planet! We are building something that is unlike anything else on the internet. It is a radio station that has been designed with the Underground in mind. We play the best music from around the globe! We are giving indie artist a voice and a platform to share their music with the world.

We are also giving a voice to those who would like to have their own radio shows. Doing radio is really, really expensive. Not here! We have very affordable plans starting at $150 per month and an audience in the millions!

If you would like to have your music submitted for consideration or you would like more information on how to have your own radio show please email us @remnantxradio@gmail.com.


Welcome to the Underground! Are you Ready to trip
     the light fantastic? Then press play and enjoy! 


Your Life With Out Darkskyradio.com...

Don't let this happen to you!

Our Friends & Our Bands

I wanted to share some of the picture that our friends from around the globe send in to us!


We are not just a radio station but we are a journey to explore new sites and sounds from around the world! I hope you enjoy!

Free Music For Stopping By!

Just to show our appreciation we are giving away a ton of free music! All need to do is click on the Noise Trade logo and begin downloading! It is all free! Hey who loves you baby!


This website and all the content is intended for ages 14 years and up.

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