Devil, Devil Where is The Devil? - Why Dems Are Making Russia Our Enemy

King Solomon once said, "There is nothing new under the sun." These words have never been truer to us in America. We are seeing the return of the Red Scare! Just as McCarthy went on a rampage of over-exaggerations and false accusations that every opposition was a communist/Soviet plant. So, too, the modern-day McCarthyites (Democrats) are inventing new ways to fabricate "news stories" via their surrogates in the drive-by - I mean - the mainstream media. With each new accusation of Putin's secret Red hacking army we quickly come to find that the story is not true. Dems and the media have not learned their lesson of lying to the American people. At this rate my guess is it will be a generation before they have power again! To my liberal god-hating friends, Donald Trump is not your enemy. Putin and Russia are not your enemies. The flyover population is not your enemy. Your enemy is your failed policies! Putting transgender politics over jobs is your enemy, persecuting small business owners who have the right to refuse service to whomever they please is your enemy. Treading on the Constitution with no regard is your enemy. I think it was Voltaire who said, "A society gets the villains that they deserve." Looks like you got yours! A political revolution without a drop of blood spilled! If you want a voice in the conversation, put on your big boy pants and face the man in the mirror... Oh yeah and suck it! Elections have consequences... a quote from Barack Hussein Obama II! This was inspired by a conversation I had while taking a shower with the Warrior Queen Tish Bowling... I mean we weren't in the shower together, this is a family friendly posting... I mean she was talking to me while I was in the shower and she brought up some of these points.

#Russia #RussianHackers #Dems #Democrats #DonaldTrump

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