Love And Pigeons - A Russian Classic

Vasily Kuzyakin (Alexander Mikhailov), an employee of the forestry enterprise, who is fond of breeding pigeons, lives with his wife Nadezhda and three children: Lyuda, who returned from the city after parting with her husband, a cheerful fellow Lyonka and Olya, father's favorite. Once Vasily was injured during work, and then, in compensation for the damage caused to him, he was given a ticket to the resort. While staying at the sea resort, Vasily, a simple man from country-side, meets a corrupted city woman (Lyudmila Gurchenko), who lures away a man of the country (Alexander Mikhailov), indulging him in fantasies of urban comfort. While living at her city apartment, the man starts missing his family and eventually decides to return to his native village, where his wife and children miss him too.

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