Guns & Glory - World War 1 - India To The Rescue!

2014 is the centenary year of WW I and 1.2 million men from India had signed up to fight the war for Britain. This show commemorates those Indian soldiers who fought the Great War a hundred years ago. It was a war that India had no direct stake in...And the reasons and conditions remained far removed from the average Indian soldier. They went to fight for their personal honour and for the honour of their Regiments. Indian Soldiers in the First World War went on to win 13 thousand gallantry medals. By the end of the War official records put 47,746 Indians as dead or missing and 65,126 more as wounded. All in all India provided Britain with not just men and material, but money as well. Apart from the 1,440,437 men recruited, and the 1,381,050 men sent for service overseas, India also bore the cost of these troops which were being largely used for Imperial, rather than Indian purposes. In 1917 India made an outright gift of £100 million towards the cost of the war. This special episode of Guns and Glory tries to hold a candle to how and why the Indians were drawn into the greatest conflict then known to man.

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