Glamour VS Emotions

Glamour VS Emotions

It all started with the burning of the glamorous set of movie Padmavati, the movie set was burned in anger, anger due to tempering of Rajputana history and their believes about queen Padmini. The movie is yet to be released but politicians from every party wants to score their brownie points. There are a lot of hypothetical questions about the movie which can only be answered after movie is released.

India is a country of many cultures, communities and believes. With so many cultures come a social responsibility of preserving their history. Every community have a history, every community have an ideal who have made their community proud or have sacrificed for their people. As there are so many communities it is very hard to justify or prove all the facts are real or just a creation of creative world of Bollywood. There is an existence of hereditary heir, politicians who have been opposing the release of the movie whereas, there are some historians who have questioned the existence of queen Padmini.

Cinema is a great platform to bring such unknown historical figures. It is true that there should be no tempering with historical facts. It is very hard as a movie is created to make money by entertaining people but it doesn't mean that just to make money they can hurt anyone's sentiments. The Hindu hard liners have been very aggressive in past on movies like Jodha Akbar, Bajirao Mastani etc. But all the movies did great on the screens and there was no anger in public. The judgement of movie to be realized or not should be left with The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). Artistic freedom (Art19) will be curtailed if every community will start making noises and if noises have to be made that should in a peaceful way. The mistake made by director was inviting all the major anchors in the nation and made them watch the movie, which allowed the media houses to play on director's behalf. The best possible thing that could have been done was to the hereditary heir of the royal family and watch the movie with them. This could have helped to calm down the situation of conflict which is now in 6 states of India. The way of protest can't be justified as it has taken a violent form and there are high chances of having riots due to movie. States should have to follow law rather than these Karni Sena who is giving treats which are not acceptable to anyone in this great country. Renowned BJP leaders like Swami and Yogi

have opposed the movie, now congress leaders also want to seek attention by doing the same.

The movies should be released as no personal opinion can be larger than CBFC who have given a go ahead to the movie. Rajput is brave community of India and they have a proud history. If there is a major tempering done with the movie then it can be debated and Bhansali's movie can be boycotted for future and there are so many communities which can join as it may become an issue of defaming the dignity of Hindus not only Rajputs. Why Central Government has not given any clear direction in this matter is a matter of question. Also silence from top actors is also questionable, big media houses should put more pressure as this situation can turn into riots and may cost life of director or common people.

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