I Have Been Arnab!


Arnab Ranjan Goswami is the face of change and a new sensation in Indian media from last many years. There is so much said about the style and manner in which debates are conducted on his prime-time show. He has been accused for taking sides in debates or manner in which debates are conducted. All these things can be debated and logically answered.

After born in a family having tolerance for all kind of ideas and ideologies as almost all the family members were associated with one or the other political parties. He started working with NDTV and after that he went on to become editor in chief with Times Now and made a show " frankly speaking with Arnab". He is a journalist who have distinguished himself from other media houses in terms of funding for channel, the way in which journalism is conducted. Even at the international platform he has supported the use of digital media which will put news from traditional tv to mobile phone and it may overtake the tv viewership in future. Even after being an entrepreneur he has supported these innovative ideas which can lead to decline in his viewership. As this will make journalism more effective and the quality journalism will not take a lot of money. This shows the nature as he is ready to accept change for future and any country in the world can become great if their youngsters have an acceptability for change. We as a nation need entrepreneurs who are ready to think beyond the self-interest and thinks for the nation. He has been speaking about creating a global news network like CNN & BBC, as this will help create a balance in the global point of view and it is so necessary as India speaks English and it’s a democracy. A country can be rich just by producing cheap goods and have similar thoughts due to a communist system. As Mr. J.F. Kennedy said "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Arnab have created a news channel which is doing a lot for the country in terms of taking public opinions to government.

Arnab has got a lot of passion for the journalism. It seems in his high energy and the way he takes on the corrupt and supports the innocent. Infact, he has categorically repeated that he would like to always like to give a view points. According to him "gone are the days of passive journalism, it is the time of active journalism and the Anchor should take a viewpoint. That is why youth always supports him and is shown in his viewership. Infact, Republic (new Channel) has gained a lot of viewership. His investigative journalism gives him an edge over others. He exposed the case of Co. Purohit and many others. The way he exposed the communists of the Jawaharlal University Is known to everyone.

Arnab has supported the idea in which the organization should not be funded by any source as they can determine the point of view to be published and every story have some biased view due to personal thinking of a person. He has said that a good story need no frontiers which means it is up to the people of the country to agree with the story or to distance itself. Similarly, every entrepreneur has to let people to decide the credibility and use of their ideas or it allows to create an opinion about everything and not to believe what have been told to people by different sources. The viewership of his channel says it all we need not to listen to any particular section of people that their view is never allowed to heard completely, in my opinion he don't want to allow anyone to use the platform of media to say rhetoric and take benefit by provoking a particular section of society. Ex, as the youth of the country don't want to listen to any rhetoric spoken by separatists and Pakistanis on the panel.

Arnab have broken many scams and have made mockery of many political leaders like Rahul Gandhi who are just a dynast and not at these prestigious positions due to their talent. Arnab is an example for talent not dynast. We admire Arnab, we see our self to be like Arnab who is having an independent opinion about any issue or to determine the needs of the society, may be adding an opinion towards the country. We need to be acceptable to change, to make our self a great nation.


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