King Khan? Who is The Greatest

So let’s talk bollywood! Just a few days back I came across 5 young boys, probably 16-18 years old, discussing who is the better actor in bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan or Irrfan. Which got me thinking why is Salman even in the discussion? But then, they are teenagers… We all have been stupid with our choices as teens, I mean I liked, Joe Jonas and Robert Pattinson!! :)

India is one such country which celebrates its heros. We honour them, treat them like God not necessarily based on their acting skills or movies they choose act in,but simply based on their stardom. Bollywood is one such industry, where actors with extra-ordinary acting skills may lose out on many great opportunities simply because they do not have a big name in the industry, are not kids of veterans or do not necessarily have godfathers in the industry.

If you simply ask me, who is the biggest superstar in bollywood, the answer would be simple- SRK.

If you ask me which actor enjoys the most stardom in the industry, the answer would be undoubtedly- Salman.

However, if you asked me, who is the best actor in bollywood, which actor can pull off all the roles effortlessly, then my answer would most certainly be- Irrfan.

Let’s be honest, the roles Irrfan plays and the way he plays them is exemplary. He has no airs around him, and will always play the roles with honesty which makes people connect to him and his acting. Everytime we see him on screen, we appreciate the character that he plays rather than him, and in my opinion that says a lot about him. This however, isn’t true for Shahrukh or Salman. The audience will always go to watch their movies for them, irrespective of how good or bad the movie is..The Salman/Shahrukh movies will always have a bigger box office collection, but an Irrfan movie will probably just get critical appreciation. Unfortunately, neither of the two (Salman/Shahrukh) ever play characters with integrity. They, according to me are simply crowd pullers, irrespective of the movie’s storyline. While all three of them made their bollywood debut at around the same time, Salman and Shahrukh got the taste of success at a rather early phase as compared to Irrfan who had to work way harder to get the success.

It was obviously easy for Salman, coz both his parents belonged to the movie industry and were big names back then so got to share screen space with big actors very early in his career. Credit when due, Shahrukh certainly did not have it all at the start of his career and started his career with rather small TV shows similar to Irrfan, but got to also do bollywood movies where he got early recognition for portraying villainous roles, but he certainly made villains much more likable than the 80’s bollywood. Irrfan had really work his way up to the industry. Not having the looks of Shahrukh and Salman or the industry contacts his struggle was way more tough. Unfortunately, he was never the go to actor (still isn’t) by the big directors because of many reasons like lack of chocolate boy looks (yes, it’s a think in bollywood) and lack of contacts to bollywood biggies. This is the reason why Irrfan ended up doing a lot more independent movies and TV shows than most other big names in the industry.

In my opinion, these three actors, don’t even fall in the same league when it comes to their acting ability. Irrfan’s acting ability is any given day way above and beyond both Shahrukh and Salman. Shahrukh is any day better than Salman.

And if I have to rate these three? It is just super simple: Irrfan, SRK and Salmon!

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