The Future Of India?

2019 looks easy

It’s two more wins for the Narendra Modi and two more defeat for the Rahul Gandhi. The dream of BJP party president in which he talks about wiping off the congress part from seems to become true in near future. The congress is now only in 4 states in India and the popularity of Mr. Modi is increasing day by day. The national assembly elections are going to happen in 2019 and half year from now the campaigns and the political debates on all media channels will start. Who will be in power in 2019 will be the biggest question for next 2 years.

It’s not hard to understand if we look at the nature of election and the way in which the voters vote. Elections after elections Modi have proved himself in many states by talking about the development which is needed for the states and the local issues, which differs from region to region. Most important Modi have been asking votes for BJP to show confidence in himself. There are 2 important factors for any election first is the party leader and other is the local leaders who fight the election in their constituency. If a party is having a good face then there are a lot chances to win even if there are less good local leaders. BJP with a face of Modi was able to win the elections. But many people say that there was a less margin whereas it was a great win. To understand we can compare the 2 states elections, Delhi and Gujrat. In both of the states party was in powers for last 15 years due to which there was an anti-incumbency. There was major protest against the government in Gujrat it was for reservation and in Delhi it was against corruption. If we look at the results in Delhi congress party was not able to win a single seat whereas in Gujrat BJP still won the election. The effect of the local leaders and a new party in Delhi lead to formation of government by a third party that is the power of a local leadership. In Gujrat there are 3 local leaders who have emerged after and even after joining hands with a party they were not able to win. So, it was a great victory.

How will this effect 2019? As there is a lot of steps taken by the government which are appreciated and criticized by some people. After win in 3 elections it is clear that people do support the govt. in large. The mood point for the election will be the prime minister position to which the congress has no alternative to Modi. It seems like the congress is representing the ideas just on TV but not on ground as they have no leader and sometimes it becomes so hard for them to even defend their party president. Still there will be a lot of political drama to be closely monitored but to counter an image of a global leader like Modi there should be someone far better then Rahul, especially at time when he is winning state after state.

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