Have You Ever Wanted Your Own Radio Show?

I started this radio station because I always wanted my ow radio show. I loved the ideal of sharing my thoughts, my hot takes and my ideas on the current news stories.

The problem I ran into with having my own radio show is the cost of terrestrial radio. You can easily spend $800 per month for a weekly show and have nothing to show for it! No feedback from the station on how to improve, how to get sponsors, or how to grow you listening audience. 

That is not the case at Darkskyradio.com. We are committed to you and your radio show's success and will help you grow your show and establish it as a brand. Oh and we are a fraction of the cost! Our plans start at $150 a month for a weekly show (that is 4 one hour shows a month)!

Our top shows get around 300K listens a week, they receive emails from listeners, donations from listeners and feedback from us on how to grow their shows and reach their objectives. 

They have moved from frustrated with terrestrial radio to chillin and growing with Darkskyradio.com!

Things That You Should Know About Us!

There are a few things that you should know about us before placing your show on Darkskyradio.com. 

What are the top markets that we reach? If you are looking to reach an audience in Trenton, New Jersey we are probably not a good fit.

Here are the top 5 U.S. cities that listen to Darkskyradio.com: Los Angles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle and Salt Lake City.

Here are the top foreign countries that listen to Darkskyradio.com: India, The UK, Russia, Canada and
South Korea.

What type of shows do you accept on Darkskyradio.com? That is an easy one, we accept the paying kind LOL, but seriously here is a look at our demographics:

* 90.4% of our audience is male

* 32,2% are ages 18 - 24

* 40.6% are ages 25 - 34

* 15.4% are ages 35 - 44

So what does that mean for your show? Most of our listeners are men. This is important for you to know. If you are looking to reach elderly women we are not the outlet for you.

How Do I Get Started?

Simple! Just send me an email @remnantxradio@gmail.com and we will get you set up!


Most folks email their shows to us and we upload them to our servers. If you need to use our online studio to record your show we can do it. The cost is $235 per month for a weekly show and we take care of the uploading and will have it set up as a podcast also.

We are month to month (NO CONTRACTS!) which means you can stop or pause your show as needed.

How Do I Pay? We send out invoices via paypal. If you need to pay by check we can arrange that also.

How much time in an hour do I actually get for my show? Easy, you get an hour! We don't play those games that terrestrial stations play.

What if I want my show to run more than once a week? Email me for with specifics and we will work it out!

As you can see we are much more in-tune with creators and will work with you as your build and grow your radio empire! Let's face it with the explosion of "online" services the terrestrial radio stations are a dying breed.

They do not see the comet coming and refuse to adapt to the times!

Join The Revolution! And have your voice heard today!

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